The « Carrières de Lumières » – Les Baux-de-Provence

copyright Culturespaces - Nuit de Chine

© Culturespaces – Carrière de Lumières, spectacle de 2011

In 2011, the town of Les Baux de Provence asked Culturespaces to take over management of its famous audio visual shows at the Carrières du Val d’Enfer. The site will reopen its doors under its new name “Carrières de Lumières”.

It consists of the projection of “dematerialized” paintings on immense surfaces, in order to present the public with another approach to art. With 100 video projectors covering more than 7.000 square meters, the Carrières de Lumières is the largest in-situ multimedia installation in this new field of video-exhibitions.

Using video, the show sets these works in motion, to the sound of music, and invites visitors to an experience that involves all their senses. It is a 30 minute show.

Spectators are totally immersed in the image projected onto all the surfaces of the rock. The ground is completely covered, too, and becomes a vast carpet of images.

The public is more and more eager for temporary exhibitions, but the masterpieces are limited. The Carrières de Lumières is an experimental place for a new form of exhibition that settles this growing problem. In 2012, nearly 240 000 visitors came to see the “Gauguin – Van Gogh” show.

In 2013, organizers selected the theme of the Mediterranean sea for a new show : “Monet, Renoir … Chagall, Journeys Around the Mediterranean ?”

During the second half of the 19th century, the arts were characterized by the expansion of Impressionism, while in the technical field, the PLM (Paris- Lyon-Marseille) railroad, inaugurated in 1857, was becoming a popular mode of transport. Many painters heard the call of the sirens. L’Estaque, Saint-Tropez, Antibes and Bordighera became new centers of expression for painters from the north, where they discovered a source of inspiration.

16 major artists from several schools are presented with coherence by giving a framework – the Mediterranean sea – and a chronological order.

Each of the selected painters offers a specific vision of the Mediterranean sea : the eye of the landscapist with Vernet; Impressionist vision with Monet and Renoir; Pointillist with Signac and Cross; loud colors with the Fauves; intimate with Bonnard; wordly and nonchalant with Dufy; dreamy and provocatively modern with Chagall.

The visitor can have a unique artistic experience : to be transported by emotion. It is a total immersion in multiple pictorial worlds, in an imaginary and sensorial story, by amplifying the musical aspects, so that they develop a more participative attitude.

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Julie Laverat

UPJV – L1 Histoire de l’Art


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